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15 November, 2005

What the...?

This was received via e-mail rather than as a search engine enquiry, but it certainly qualifies as random:

I am the agent for Rosemary Squires. Do you ever put on concerts for the older generation?

Wha...? What makes you think I arrange concerts, for any generation?

I don't think this is someone mistaking the Ministry for a branch of the UK government. Maybe... no; on the strength of the Jethro Tull Tour History and annotated 'Passion Play', no-one could mistake this for the official Jethro Tull website, could they? (I hope not, 'cos that site's pretty poor.)

Even assuming that's the case, could a professional agent seriously visualise Jethro Tull, a stagnant and declining but still occasionally 'hard rock' band, being supported by a Doris Day-style light jazz singer from the 1950s/60s, most famous for the 'hands that do dishes can be soft as your face' 1960s advertising jingle? I couldn't, but as I said, I'm no concert promoter.

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