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10 November, 2005

Lights out

There seems to be a trend whereby one person in a neighbourhood decides to go 'all-out' on christmas lights, illuminating his (and, let's face it, this is a male thing) entire house.  People from the entire area drive past to see the display, and sometimes there's a collection for charity.  I can think of two examples in Lancaster alone.  Very tawdry.

However, there's been a bit of a backlash in Berkshire: residents of a private road (which itself says something) are trying to pay a neighbour not to mount a display. They have offered to donate more than the 5,000 raised for charity last year if there are no lights this year.

Apparently it's not just 'snobbery' (not my choice of word – I'm definitely with the neighbours on this one). Police say that more than 1,000 cars drove past each night for six weeks last year, and 40 crimes, including vandalism, theft, violence and other forms of anti-social behaviour, have been directly attributed to the presence of the lights.

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