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9 November, 2005

More caffeine!

I presume US 'Coca Cola Classic' is what we know as basic 'Coke' here in the UK.  Whatever; it'd take 323.06 cans to kill me.

So says Energy Fiend (via User Friendly).

Likewise, I presume 'Brewed Imported Tea' is standard UK tea (a little milk, one sugar), of which I could apparently consume 183.07 cups before expiring. Define 'a cup'. The same job would be done by 95.51 cups of instant coffee. Good thing I rarely drink it.

If you'd be fascinated to know the caffeine content of a startling number of beverages, this chart will blow you away.

Posted by Jan B at November 9, 2005 06:03 PM

Thanks, though the New Coke entry is probably more useful, in fact, as it tries to explain why the 'Classic' name has been retained for years after the new Coke was discontinued (under the main 'Coca Cola' name), and confirms that the new formula wasn't used outside the USA (then).

Posted by NRT at November 9, 2005 06:39 PM
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