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3 November, 2005

Wasting everyone's time

For the past week or so, I've been receiving what looks a lot like comments sp*m – via the Ministry's 'Contact' form.  It's mildly irritating, not least because it's utterly pointless, both for me and for the sender.

That page isn't part of the blog, and I don't have a guestbook; the messages (2-3 per day at present, but these things tend to multiply) aren't published anywhere, they merely go to an e-mail account, and there's no way I'm going to follow dubious links from strangers.

Either some troll is ****ing around just to annoy me, which won't work – I never feed trolls, irrespective of provocation – or some sp*mbot is getting confused.
I suspect it's the latter, as the 'subject' header of each e-mail is identically malformed, as if an automated script is garbling the output in a way a manual submission wouldn't. At least it enables me to set a filter in Thunderbird, and all mail with that header is directed straight to Trash.

I'm pretty sure it is a robot mistakenly 'thinking' it's found a blog comments form, as each hit is preceded by an internal search of the blog for the URL of October's archive – no human would be doing that 2-3 times per day. That clue is drastically easier to trace. Now I have a phone number for the spammer's ISP in Kiev, Ukraine. Pity I don't speak the language....

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