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2 November, 2005


I don't often fry food, but just occasionally, perhaps once every 3-4 months, I feel the urge for a 'fry-up': essentially, a British cooked breakfast, but eaten in the evening.

I don't eat eggs , and black pudding is too fiddly (I pick out all the fatty lumps), so my version comprises four rashers of smoked back bacon, three pork sausages (of known provenance and min. 85% lean meat), a tomato, ~125g of button mushrooms and ½ tin of baked beans. All but the beans are cooked together in the same frying pan.

Yes, that's a slight cholesterol and fat kick, but my cholesterol level, tested a few months ago, is pretty good for my age, and I add the minimum amount of olive oil to the pan; most fat for frying comes from the meat, and more liquid remains in the pan than I'd added at the outset. This meal is also atypical of my normal diet, so I don't believe I'm doing myself any harm.

As I write, I'm literally salivating, as I know those ingredients are downstairs, to be cooked and eaten after I publish this entry!

The point of this posting is that as soon as I've finished eating, I expect that the craving will be satisfied, and won't recur until February/March. I'm really looking forward to the meal, but it's not 'comfort food', or a deliberately withheld treat. If I read this back tomorrow, it's unlikely that I'll find even the individual ingredients especially tempting.
It's as if my body takes over and demands something lacking in my usual diet, which I won't require again, and hence desire, until later in the winter.

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