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1 November, 2005

Backward stamp

The image on the new (to me, anyway) first class stamp is explicitly christian.  I didn't know the Royal Mail was allowed to do that nowadays. Unless they're planning to claim that's a generic mother & child, celebrating the modern UK family unit....

'Seasonal' is fine – no-one would complain about a robin, reindeer or snowy fir tree, but I do find selective, overt religious references objectionable. Did I miss the stamps commemorating Diwali, Samhain or Eid ul-Fitr? Somehow, I doubt it.

When representing the state: all, or none. Preferably none.


Have you seen the complete set of Christmas stamps? It's all perfectly multi-racial and PC.

Posted by looby at November 3, 2005 11:47 AM

No problem about race, I'm talking about religion. Stamps produced by and for the state postal service should give equal representation to all religions if there are christmas stamps, there should be Rosh Hashanah stamps too.

Or, more rationally, the stamps should be strictly secular. If the designers are pragmatic enough to acknowledge that the modern consumerist December festival has nothing whatsoever to do with christianity, the symbolism should be non-religious.

Posted by NRT at November 3, 2005 03:11 PM
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