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1 November, 2005

Colour prejudice

'White van man' is UK cultural shorthand, referring to the (stereotypically aggressive) driver of a typical tradesman's/delivery van, as seen in their thousands on British roads.  But why white?

Are there really more white vans than other colours, or is it just that having made the association, one is more likely to notice white vans?

If there is a disproportionate number of white vans, why? Do firms prefer white company vehicles? Why? Does it follow that more white vans are made than other colours?

The BBC says it's because:

white's the way vans leave the factory. Many smaller firms don't want the expense of painting them up in company colours.
However, I'm not sure that's accurate.


I forget where I read it, but yes, there are more white vans than any other colour - fairly significantly so.

Observation does seem to support this too.

Posted by Andy at November 1, 2005 12:35 PM
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