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27 October, 2005

How smart are you?

The BBC has been running a series of quizzes, based on the UK National Curriculum.  I don't know what level of exam they're supposed to represent, but here are my results.

English: 20/20. Sorry to be smug, but that's no surprise.
Maths: 12/20. I suspect one was expected to use a calculator, but I didn't. I think I'd have achieved 15/20 if I had, but five questions totally defeated me – I didn't even know where to begin. What's a factor?
Physics: 6/10. The few calculations required weren't a problem, but I just don't know the units and terminology. I ceased studying Physics at the age of 14, well over half my life ago!
French: 5/12. Knew one, guessed one, worked three out, didn't know six, and couldn't have been expected to know one (Parisian geography). Since I haven't used French since scraping a 'B' at GCSE over 17 years ago, that was surprisingly successful.
Geography: 12/14. One foolish error was cancelled-out by one guess (location of Burkina Faso), and I simply didn't know the location of the River Niger. Apart from those 'Where's [X]?' questions, I had no problems, but this was my degree specialism....
History: 9/12. I simply didn't know the other three.

How did you do?

[Update 9/11/06:
Biology: 9/12. My 'A' level knowledge is a bit weak!]

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