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25 October, 2005

It's who you know

Mobile phones don't really impinge on my daily life, so the novelty hasn't worn off.  A few minutes ago, I held a conversation with a roofing engineer, who was on my roof.  Heh.

A follow-up to yesterday's posting: I climbed into my roof space last night, and studied it. There was one obvious missing slate (or its absence), and a corresponding wet beam, but most of the water had been caught by the insulation, protecting the ceiling below. I was rather glad to find an obvious point of entry, as something more subtle could have been difficult to trace. Unfortunately, I found one, maybe two additional leaks, and another wet beam.

Andy & Al were able to recommend a repairman (thanks!), who I rang this morning. He wasn't taking on new work at present, but my invoking the name of a friend who happens to be a locally-well-known plumber made the vital difference, and the engineer offered to look at the roof pretty much immediately.

It seems the roof wasn't in a wonderful state, and a number of slates need resecuring as the aging steel nails have degraded. As I write, he's working on them, but it seems he might need to return at a later date, when the weather is more stable, to repair lead & mortar flashing at the edges and hence close the other leaks I spotted. Great.

Still, I'm extremely pleased to have resolved the most severe problem so promptly.

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