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20 October, 2005

Fighting splog

Splogs, or 'sp*m blogs', blogs set up with minimal or stolen content, merely for ad revenue or to generate traffic/pagerank for undesirable sites, have been proliferating rapidly in recent weeks, particularly at free hosts such as Blogger/Blogspot.
'Fighting Splog', a (genuine) blog set up to record one person's attempt to do exactly that, is an interesting insight into the evolution and acceleration of the problem.

In late August, the scale was such that 'Splogfighter' was able to itemise each splog he/she reported for deletion, whereas his/her current target, two months later, is for 2,000 deletions per day. That's not sp*am blog entries, it's entire spurious blogs.

At the time of writing, the blog is still quite 'young', so it's still easy to read the entire archive in a sitting, and I recommend doing so (just for interest, not practical tips).

One aspect which particularly concerns me is the possibility that if the sheer volume of splogs floods search engines, all blogs might be removed from the main indices of search engines and 'ghettoised' into Google Blogsearch or similar. There's a lot of valuable content in genuine blogs, which I think ought to be available via mainstream searches.

[Via Lifehacker]


Splog Reporter was created to address the splog problem in the blogosphere. Check it out and take an active role in cleaning up the blogosphere of splog.

Posted by Frank Gruber at October 20, 2005 11:55 PM
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