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20 October, 2005


I'm British, and we don't like to complain (Ha!  Have you read this blog!?), but sometimes one's natural reserve is pushed that bit too far.

A few minutes ago, I bought lunch from the Spar 'supermarket' (it's tiny) on campus: a baked potato with cheese.
At the hot food counter, the baked potatoes are piled in a tray next to a dish of bacon. The latter seems to be oven cooked, which leaves the dish at least a third full of watery fat – it looks ****ing disgusting.

Today, the person at the counter picked up a potato on the point of a knife, to transfer it to a styrofoam takeaway container, but midway, dropped it into the bacon fat, in which it was over half immersed. Yet she simply retrieved it and, ignoring my look of horror, continued as if nothing had happened.

I requested a potato which hadn't just had a sudden bath, and she complied, but seemed surprised that there was a problem.

I'm not, but what if I'd been a vegetarian, and hadn't happened to notice the slip until discovering a very shiny potato sitting in a smelly slick of pig juice?

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