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17 October, 2005

A clarification

When I say I don't drink, that doesn't mean I don't drink.

Clear now?

Okay; try this, summarising an earlier entry*:

  • I've yet to discover an alcoholic drink I actually like, that I'd choose to drink, simply for its flavour.
  • I dislike being drunk.
  • I resent wasting time on hangovers and basic post-alcohol lethargy.
It's certainly not remotely for moral or health reasons.

Consequently, I'm still more than happy to join friends for a drink, but it's solely for the social aspect (that makes it sound like a hardship!), I probably won't enjoy the drink itself quite as much as, say, a Coke or a good cup of tea, and one drink is more than enough – if I consume more than three pints, something's gone wrong....

*: Hey! That's precisely a year ago!

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