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17 October, 2005

Is this news?

The Guardian has finally noticed that the internet is a viable medium in which bands can promote themselves and build a substantial fanbase without having to begin via the conventional route of record companies, singles, press adverts, etc.
Amongst other examples, they cite the Arctic Monkeys, a Sheffield band which sold-out the London Astoria last week.  Those fans sang along fluently to a single which has yet to be released, because some 140+ live recordings featuring that song are already in circulation amongst fans, with the band's permission.

It's great that this sort of thing receives mass-market coverage at all, but it's hardly a brand new development, and it's not just sour grapes to complain that the jounalist didn't mention Marillion's pioneering role in internet-led self-marketing.


The ageing hipsters who write the music columns of the Guardian probably don't even know that Marillion still exist.

The great thing about the Internet is that it reduces the stranglehold that a small clique of London-based scribbers have over which bands get exposure.

Anyone playing 'unfashionable' styles of music shouldn't waste time trying to court this clique; they should be using the net to make them irrelevant.

Posted by Tim Hall at October 17, 2005 07:17 PM
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