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16 October, 2005

Just play yer guitar

Now playing: 'Eternity' (Anathema, 1996), specifically 'Hope'.  The first 80 seconds are spoken word; a male voice with an upper-middle class Merseyside accent intoning hideously pretentious... stuff.  As usual, I skipped it.
This reminded me that such extended spoken sections, sometimes even full tracks, are something I particularly dislike, often diminishing my opinions of otherwise good albums.

Two particularly bad examples are 'Space Transmission' on Porcupine Tree's 'On The Sunday Of Life...' and 'Human Love' on Chroma Key's 'Graveyard Mountain Home'. I haven't heard either track in its entirety, even once – I find them that unlistenable.
Somehow, 'Fitter Happier', from Radiohead's 'OK Computer' is bearable – less self-consciously 'lyrical' perhaps – though I still tend to skip it unless I haven't heard it for a year or so.

Anyone else feel the same way?

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