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14 October, 2005

It says here

The Guardian published circulation figures today illustrating the market shares held by the major 'quality' ('non-tabloid', though a couple are actually printed in tabloid format nowadays) UK newspapers.  The absolute numbers fluctuate month-to-month, of course, but I found it interesting to note the relative ranking.

In September, the Daily Telegraph sold 904,283 copies (33% of the total), compared to:
The Times: 699,425 (26%)
The Financial Times: 438,538 (16%)
The Guardian: 404,187 (15%)
The Independent: 262,552 (10%).

Kind of scary, considering the degree of political bias (in either direction – left-wing is as bad as right-wing, to me) exhibited by some of these papers.
A total of 2.7 million is pretty low anyway, considering a tabloid like the Sun sells 3.3 million per day (tabloid sales figures).

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