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14 October, 2005

Scrolling, scrolling, scrolling...

I've just spent well over an hour installing a new mouse on my office PC.

Just a mouse; couldn't be simpler, right?  Only if I could live without a scroll wheel, as that wasn't working.

After several attempts with the software provided on CD, then updated drivers from the Logitech website (actually the same versions, so far as I can see), it seems to work so long as I answer the question "do you want to configure your new mouse?" with "no". I can't see how the Logitech config utility could conflict with WinXP, and 'advanced' button functionality released in 2003 shouldn't confuse WinXP-SP2, but....
Whatever. This way it's a 'dumber' mouse than I (well, the University) bought, but it works.

This is my first ever optical mouse. The light touch feels a bit odd. At one point this morning, I gave up and plugged the old ball-type (what is the correct term?) one back in, and suddenly became aware of the effort required to move the thing! It certainly prompted me to give the optical mouse one more try, and succeed.

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