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12 October, 2005

For the boudoir-challenged

Three examples of 'cutting edge' yet supposedly functional designs for space-optimising furniture (thrilling, eh?), all via BoingBoing:

  • A bookshelf/divider incorporating a chair and stool. I suspect those angled shelves would create unusable 'dead' space, and the finish gives the impression this is just a mock-up, but it has potential. While you're visiting that page, also admire the desk lamp styled to look as if it's falling through the desk.
  • The 'ultimate' bed which seems to combine all the furniture and fixtures of a typical bedroom into one somewhat ugly item.
  • This one is a little annoying: a 'clever' design which hasn't been thought through properly. It's an armchair which pivots (vertically) to reveal a stove and cooking workspace. Because "you'll never sit and cook at the same time". Possibly true, but one might well wish to sit down to eat, ideally before cleaning the workspace and hob and converting the unit back to a seat.
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