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10 October, 2005

Now I need a drink

There's one problem area for a non-drinker: eating out.

Celebrating H's (not Helen; that's in May.  Different H.) birthday at an Italian restaurant this evening, everyone had a starter and main course, and 2-3 people had a dessert and coffee; no real discrepancy.  However, whilst everyone else was on wine and £2.95 bottles of beer, I was drinking tap water.

I wouldn't dream of splitting the bill other than equally, thirteen ways, but £25 was kind of expensive just for a little garlic bread and excessively-oily chicken and pasta.

I'm not complaining; it was entirely my own choice, but still....


I suppose it is time you started drinking again. And not just because I want someone to go out with, no I've got loads of friends.

Posted by Screaming Lord Such And Such at October 13, 2005 04:59 PM
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