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5 October, 2005

Where can I buy a hoodie?

In an otherwise unremarkable article for the Guardian about 'hoodies' (stereotypically violent teenagers who habitually wear hooded jackets to evade identification), Piers Morgan quotes the startling statistic that Britain has 20 per cent of the world's CCTV cameras.  Think about that for a moment.  One in five of all CCTV cameras on the entire planet is in use in the UK.

The average (presumably urban) Briton will be detected by 300 cameras each day, 'creating a pervading sense of paranoia', as Morgan over-emotes.

Traveling back from the airport a couple of days ago, an announcement reminded me that all passengers of a train are under constant survellance from the moment they enter a station until the moment they leave the station at their destination; indeed, before and after those points too, as police cameras also monitor the roads leading to the stations.
The US Department of Homeland Security is often criticised for putting collective 'safety' ahead of personal liberty, but the UK's intensity of surveillance wouldn't be legal in the USA.

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