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29 November, 2005

Getting ready to be sold

I'm hoping this won't generate as many follow-up postings as the fragmented 'Deadwing' release (check the archive for what I mean), but has announced the forthcoming reissue of 'Stupid Dream'.

This 1999 album and 2000's 'Lightbulb Sun' were deleted when Porcupine Tree left Snapper/Delerium in 2002, and their reissue on the Lava (Atlantic) label has been (over)long-awaited. The limited supply and increasing demand have boosted prices at eBay to ludicrous levels, in turn encouraging counterfeiting.

Though no date has been stated for the 'Stupid Dream' release, it'll be in early 2006 [Update 26/04/06: the release date is 15/05/06], and will contain two discs: a remixed and remastered stereo CD and a 5.1 surround sound DVD-A. The latter will feature bonus tracks: 'Ambulance Chasing' and the full-length (14-min) 'Even Less', both remixed to 5.1, plus the 'Piano Lessons' video and a photo gallery. It's understood that SW wants to replace the existing cover image, though that's unconfirmed and few fans think it's necessary.

This edition will be exclusive to P-Tree's own web store at Burning Shed, but a single-disc CD will also receive a general retail release at a later date.
[Update 11/7/06: Contrary to the original plan, the two-disc edition will be available via normal retail outlets for a limited period.]

So, as I mentioned in a different context yesterday, don't bother hunting eBay for scarce and frighteningly overpriced copies of the 1999 edition, wait that little longer for an improved version at a sensible price.

All this material has been previously released in some form. Anyone who already has 'Stupid Dream', 'Recordings' and either the February 2001 'Lightbulb Sun' special edition or the 'Stranger By The Minute' CD single, and who isn't interested in surround sound won't be offered anything new. However, that's being too negative; the main point is that 'Stupid Dream' will be back on sale and profiteers will be denied an income.

No news about 'Lightbulb Sun', though the same sort of reissue can be expected, and it's thought it'll happen some time in 2006 (but don't hold me to that). [Update 19/04/08: It was finally released in April 2008!]

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