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29 November, 2005

Another happy customer

I speak/read nine languages, but only 10-20 words in each (perhaps fifty or so in 2-3 of them, and rather more in English).  In short, I don't think my language skills are adequate, and it'd be seriously cheeky of me to criticise others, or to mock a non-Anglophone's mangled attempts at written English.

That said, I can't resist quoting from a submission to the University website's 'Feedback' form. The visitor, apparently an existing student at 'Marchester University', found the site useful because "it creates a room for briliant students, it's a source of bright future [and] it educating the young one's".

immediatly i was told about your web site, i felt so elated and i could not waste any of my time, before i could remember have met my self at a cybercave where i send you all this messages to you over there
Which is nice.

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