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17 September, 2005

Random queries no.3

One of a series of genuine search engine enquiries which successfully brought visitors to the Ministry.  Can I help?

photo of person in a restraining jacket

I presume you mean a straitjacket (not a 'straight jacket', as too many people think). If so, try a search at Google Images for 'straitjacket'. Don't include 'photo of person in a', as Google will then look for the words 'photo', 'person' and 'straitjacket', ruining the search.

That's an important point: Google doesn't interpret the contents of the search box (apart from certain specific terms); if a search includes 'photo' and 'jacket', it won't know you want a photo of a jacket. Instead, it'll look for pages containing the words 'photo' and 'jacket', not necessary together on the page, or for images related to the words 'photo' and 'jacket' – and few people actually label a photo 'photo'.

If you have SafeSearch turned off (and if you're looking for bondage images, I suspect you have), this refined search should provide around 4,600 photos of straitjackets, most of them occupied. Go wild.

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