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15 September, 2005

Won't work anyway

NØ2IDThe Guardian reports an admission by the director of the UK ID cards programme and the government's chief information officer that biometric matching using the parameters stored on the cards won't be infallible.  That's beside any logistical considerations of staff training, hardware implementation and database management; the data on the card just won't be able to identify an individual with the necessary level of certainty.  Utterly pointless – for the stated purpose.

Interesting tidbit casually mentioned in the story: it will be necessary to undergo biometric identification when applying for a job.

The closing paragraph:

Opponents will say that conceding the fallibility of biometrics in day-to-day life removes the card's big selling point, so the whole programme should be scrapped. The question to throw back at them is, if the card could be shown to work perfectly, would they accept it?
No, of course not. The invalidity of the concept has always outweighed the impracticality of the application. This removes a selling point, but I wasn't buying anyway.

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