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14 September, 2005

Familiar logo

As El Reg reports, the new "fresh, inviting, and open" logo of Quark is identical to that adopted by the Scottish Arts Council in 2001.  The only difference is that Quark's copy is in PANTONE 368, officially designated 'Quark Green'.

Honest mistake? Maybe. The logo is a fairly obvious construction, which I could imagine inventing myself; a circle with one quarter squared. It's certainly conceivable that two designers could produce the same logo independently. However, the fonts of the accompanying text are suspiciously similar, too, which makes me wonder whether it's a publicity stunt which, by posting this entry, I might be assisting. Damn.

[Update 27/03/06: Quark has undergone a
re-rebranding, and now has another new logo. That means one can no longer visit the Quark & SAC websites and compare the logos, but the original article from The Register has screenshots. Alternatively, go to the SAC home page and imagine thair logo in PANTONE 368 – it really was identical.]

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