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14 September, 2005

V.meta: blogging about Blog Search

Google Blog Search is out in beta (a Google service in beta?  Surely not!).  I'm not going to review it in detail, but a few (very) brief thoughts:

By default, search results are by relevance (presumable not based on PageRank), though it's also possible to display results in reverse date order (like a blog, oddly enough).
Searching is by the content of feed extracts, seemingly favouring entry titles (not great for me, as I deliberately avoid especially descriptive titles), but blog names matching the search term appear in a separate block, which amounts to a 'search by title' feature.

A couple of limitations:
The service isn't indexing complete entries by crawling sites, but by reading RSS feeds of sites pinging or similar.
Consequently, entries posted before Google started reading the feeds (in June) aren't included at all.

I wonder whether the introduction of a dedicated blog search will mean blogs are to be removed from the main, overall Google index of all sites. I certainly hope not.

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