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9 September, 2005


Those visiting the main Opeth (and Porcupine Tree) discussion forums may already know about this, but others might be interested to know that Mikael Åkerfeldt collaborated with Dan Swanö on a non-metal, Swedish-language 'prog' project some time ago (I'd guess it was 2001 or 2002), named Sörskogen.  Despite the professionalism of the entire project, no album has appeared (yet), but one track has been released for free distribution on the web: 'Mordet i Grottan' (5.9Mb .mp3).

I can't help wondering whether this low-key release is testing demand for something more – I can't help hoping so, as I enjoy Opeth's non-metal 'Damnation' album almost as much as their more usual melodic death metal. In fact, the chorus of 'To Rid the Disease' on that album is directly copied from 'Mordet i Grottan' (music, not lyrics).


well... i have mp3's of an album by Dan Swanö titled Very Rare Project.
It seems to be a compilation of some rare songs, 'Mordet I Grottan' plus six from other projects - not seven songs from Sörskogen.

Posted by Headquarter84 at November 22, 2005 07:45 PM
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