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10 September, 2005

Shut up until the next time

During election campaigns, all parties distribute annoying leaflets.  However, why is it that the only party to continue wasting paper by shoving self-congratulatory leaflets through my letterbox between elections is the Green Party?  Of all people, they'd claim to know better.

I can quite understand the validity of a newsletter for Green supporters, but it's mere arrogance to presume the rest of us give a damn about what Green councillors in other wards have been doing i.e. no more or less than their jobs.


Do you mean the Nightmare Farm one? It bloody stinks round here sometimes so if there's any news about getting rid of it, I'm always keen to hear about that. And I'm sure the paper comes from some sort of Swedish enviromentally-friendly feminist workers' co-operative.

Posted by looby at September 10, 2005 10:12 PM

You think I read it?

Just checked: yes, there's a two-paragraph report about the rendering plant, on the back page of the four-page self-congratulation, but it says absolutely nothing more than The Citizen (the local paper, non-Lancastrians) already had.

Recycled paper: yes, but even if the wood pulp is recycled, the very process of recycling involves the expenditure of resources (chemicals, energy (and hence power generation), transport, money). By the Greens own principles, reusing (without further processing) is better than recycling, and avoiding unnecessary use is better than either. So, no unnecessary leaflets.

Perhaps there needs to be an opt-in system whereby leaflets are sent to those who definitely want them and further copies are made available for the curious to pick up from vegan cafés, community centres, etc. The part I find objectionable is the indiscriminate leafletting of all houses in the John O'Gaunt ward, which isn't even represented by a Green councillor (I think).

So the Greens have done 'x', 'y', and hassled people about 'z'. But that's no more than councillors should be doing anyway, and the other parties, who have a mandate from drastically more of the local population, don't seem to feel an urge to boast about it.

Posted by NRT at September 11, 2005 10:02 AM
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