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8 September, 2005

It burns! It burns!

Argh!  My mouth is on fire!

A while ago I noticed a TV advert for a new, citrus-flavoured variety of Listerine mouthwash, supposedly more mild-tasting than 'original' variety.
I have a damaged tooth (and no dentist) which creates a vulnerabilty to gum infection, so I occasionally need to use a mouthwash to remove trapped food and for its antiseptic effect.  I've always used supermarket own-brand mouthwashes, but I thought I'd try Listerine this time, and satisfy my curiosity about 'original' variety.

****! No wonder it has a childproof cap!

What am I going to do with a whole bottle of the stuff? It's not even as if I need to strip any paint or degrease the oven.

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