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5 September, 2005

Sigur Rós 'Takk...': fréttir

You do know that the new Sigur Rós album, 'Takk...' is released on 12 September, right?

You mightn't be aware that a limited edition of the album will be released in Europe on the same day.  Amazon doesn't explain on the linked page, but it comprises the standard album in a "rigid casebound book with a 24 page booklet of additional artwork, and a floating die-cut wallet for the cd".  So, no additional music, but I'll certainly be buying the book version.

Update 15/09/05: Now I have my copy, I can recommend the limited edition. The only words in the entire book are the band name, album title and track titles – I had to hunt to even find a copyright date (and that's on the CD) – which is somewhat uninformative, but full album credits are available from the website, so that's no criticism.

The book (which is about the same size as a jewel case, rotated to portrait orientation) is simply a beautiful item. The '24 pages' include the covers, and the inner pages are printed single-sided (i.e. 8 sides are blank) with screenprinted permutations of three graphical elements: the archway of plants and boy from the cover, and a bird in flight. For a moment, I thought they were real screenprints, unique to each copy, but I was mistaken. At least that's an indication of the item's quality.

I wasn't sure what to expect from 'a floating die-cut wallet for the CD' – perhaps a sleeve separate from the book itself. It isn't; it's bound into the book as the back endpaper. The matching front endpaper is textured, embossed with the archay of plants. The die-cut element is that the CD is visible in its sleeve through a hole, in the shape of a flying bird.

Beautiful, like the music.

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