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4 September, 2005

Metablog spam

I've just done a periodic check on the Ministry's profile at Technorati, and noticed something a bit odd.

A few of my blog entries have been quoted or linked to by single-issue blogs on, for example, taxation, tricycles, freemasons and cycling resources. Those blogs have no unique content, just links and extracts from 'real' blogs, and the density of repeated keywords (and links to commercial sites – presumably those of their clients) strongly implies some sort of search engine ranking scam. The latter three use identical Blogger templates, were all launched on 26 August, and have odd, slightly randomised urls, so seem to be the products of the same automatic 'trawl-and-republish' software.

That renders Technorati profiles useless if listed linking blogs are fakes like these, and it might muddy the results of major search engines until those companies take action, but my main concern is whether this can have any negative ranking implications for my blog. If those metablogs are downranked or blacklisted, could the fact that they link to the Ministry damage this site too?

More casually, it's mildly interesting that spammers, having failed to place their adverts amongst comments in genuine blogs, have almost reversed the relationship by taking content from the genuine blogs to legitimise advertising blogs.

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