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23 August, 2005

No chance

Here's another example of under-publicised invasion of privacy.

Were you aware that if you buy a ticket for the UK National Lottery at 18:02 on 23/08/05 from Master's Mini-Mart, Moorlands, Lancaster, that information will be available to the police?

Camelot, the operator of the Lottery, boasts that:

Camelot can provide the police with the details about the exact time and place when a ticket was purchased.... This information can help the police place suspects in specific locations at an exact time and this has helped shatter false alibis [and] helped police to solve crimes including murders, muggings, armed robbery, burglaries and drugs rings.
Emotive stuff, but still unacceptable. Public surveillance is obviously more insidious than just CCTVs and ID Cards.

The purchasers right to anonymity should always be the priority.

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