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2 April, 2005

Walk: Loggerheads Country Park

Loggerheads is a hamlet just over the Rainbow from Mold.

As I've explained before, this isn't a quote from a fairytale, but the slightly odd naming of features near my childhood home in North-East Wales. The Rainbow is a pass, and Mold is the English name of Yr Wyddgrug, a market town four miles from my mother's house. Mold was the county town of Clwyd from 1974, and with further local authority reorganisation, is now the 'capital' of Sir Fflint (Flintshire). Loggerheads is ~2 miles further away, on the border of Sir Fflint and Sir Ddinbych (Denbighshire).

The hamlet of Loggerheads was a centre of the galena (lead ore) mining industry until 1872, and various features remain: caves (old adit mines), ruined pump houses, and a leete (artificial watercourse) now acts as a level path following the River Alyn for a couple of miles.
Apart from a few cottages, Loggerheads itself comprises a watermill, associated buildings, and an 18th Century coaching inn on the Mold-Ruthin road.
The current landlord of the latter, the 'We Three Loggerheads' apparently claims that a disagreement between two local landowners in the 1780s gave the world the phrase 'at loggerheads', meaning 'engaged in a dispute'. However, that suggestion is absurd; if anything the hamlet may have been named after the phrase.

I clearly remember several visits to Loggerheads since the early 1980s; I know I visited as a very young child in the 1970s, but I don't recall it before the mill complex was restored and paths improved around 1980. Its proximity to my childhood home means that Loggerheads always heads the shortlist of venues for afternoon walks with my mother every couple of years (okay, Cilcain would head my mother's shortlist, but I'm less keen – I already see enough open moorland around Lancaster!). Thankfully, I don't associate it with any one period of my life. I suppose that means it's been somewhere I can forget the routine worries.

Today's walk followed exactly the same route as always, along the Leete Path to Devil's Gorge and back the same way. I took a few photos, of course.


I grew up in Mold from 8-21 yrs and I had a friend who lived at the far end of the Leete Walk, and another who crossed the stream/river and walked along the Leete to get to the school in Mold we all went to. You are probably younger than me, I was born in 1953.
The field on the left opposite the turning to pantymwyn, on the way down to Loggerheads, was a great place to sleigh down. My 3 kids in ~1990, with were 2 cousins had a great time one winters day.
Valerie Speed(Bowler)

Posted by vall at October 7, 2005 01:33 AM
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