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22 August, 2005

Run like hell

What's worse than a tribute band?  How about a tribute band comprising dinosaurs of 1970s 'classic' prog rock?

I did know this was coming, but it's even worse than I'd anticipated: Ian Anderson, of Jethro Tull, is, alongside members of Yes, the Doors, Styx, Deep Purple, King Crimson and Toto, contributing to a project reproducing Pink Floyd's 'The Wall'. What's wrong with the original? Why **** about with it?

Former Yes member Billy Sherwood says that 'Back Against The Wall' has "honored the emotion of the original while bringing out the individual personalities of all the guest artists." That is not a Good Thing. In fact, it's ****ing scary. Whoever thought Rick Wakeman could contribute added value to PF's music needs baseball-bat-assisted re-education.

At least Ian A. isn't credited on the album cover, so might be able to retain some credibility.


If it was a live performance, there might be a point to it. Pink Floyd are never going to stage The Wall again themselves.

But I can't see the point of a new studio version. There are already three recorded versions of The Wall out there, and we don't really need another one.

Posted by Tim Hall at August 22, 2005 06:42 PM
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