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1 August, 2006

Political? Me?

When another blog author categorises the Ministry as a 'political blog', that's a reason to question what I'm doing.  I don't regard this as a political blog, and definitely not party-political (I don't support any).

I'd better stress that this is all wildly, even childishly, idealistic, and though it might colour my opinions of current affairs, it doesn't determine my daily actions. I don't plan to overthrow government today!

I'm not a democrat. That's not remotely referring to the US party political affiliation. More fundamentally than that, I do not believe democracy is an inherently superior ideology to others, such as totalitarianism or anarchy. Collective consent isn't always, automatically best.
I also believe that democratic nations have no right, and certainly no imperative, to evangelise, or more usually impose (how democratic is that?), their ideology on independent sovereign nations. If 'Country A' doesn't like the way 'Country B' is run, tough; mind your own business.

If I had to endorse a democratic system, it would be something like the Swiss model whereby the entire nation votes in referenda on major issues, not the UK system whereby representatives are elected every 4-5 years and subsequently make decisions without further direct consultation of the people.
If I had to accept such a parliamentary democratic system, I'd want elections to be conducted by proportional representation, not the current 'first past the post' system.

However, no-one's really asking my opinion, and I don't believe private individuals can substantially influence the established system anyway, so I just keep my head down and ignore as much as possible!

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