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19 August, 2005

Nothing on

Today's Guardian suggests that:

Blockbusters are dying at the box office. Is our taste for reality killing the big-budget epic?

I don't know; as I don't watch 'reality' TV programmes, I couldn't comment with confidence on any change in public preferences.
However, my explanation for the alleged cinema slump is simpler: that this summer's films are extraordinarily uninspiring. It's been months since I saw a trailer which vaguely interested me, or even fixed the film's title in my mind. Everything seems formulaic and throwaway; nothing has a 'hook' suggesting novelty.

In short, I doubt audience tastes have changed, it's just that the current selection of films is less than compelling.


Right on target my pungent companion. The current lull in creative output is a direct result of fact "it" was all been said before. We sre starved for creative output. And they give us Flintstones in Vegas 2. Please.

Posted by Stefano at August 19, 2005 11:01 AM
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