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15 August, 2005

Ah, memories

A reminiscing meme, via Neil:

When was the last time you…

  1. …ate a takeaway meal?
    Over a week ago. Fish & chips.

  2. … got drunk?
    I don't remember. I don't think it was in 2005.

  3. … ate meat?
    Last night. Chicken and ham.

  4. … ate in a restaurant?
    June; the 19th, I think. It was in Prague.

  5. … ate at McDonalds?
    June; Prague again. It was foul, but convenient.

  6. … watched a movie?
    Saturday: 'Rollerball' (the original; I've yet to find a single favourable review of the remake, the presence of Rebecca Romijn-Stamos notwithstanding). It was pretty good.

  7. … rented a video/DVD?
    'Rollerball' was rented. I receive several per month from Amazon's DVD Rental by Post service. The most recent to arrive was 'Romeo Is Bleeding', but I haven't watched it yet.

  8. … gave money to charity?
    Last week, I think; whenever the Direct Debit to Cancer Research left my bank account, anyway.

  9. … spent a lot of money?
    Moving my mortgage was alarmingly expensive, though most of the charges seem to have been added to the debt. I would have prefered to pay them immediately, but the company would have charged me even more for that privilege.
    I spent over £100 on my bike (new chain & chain ring, new helmet, new bike computer) within half an hour a couple of weeks ago, which wasn't a vast amount of money, but seemed more tangible, somehow.

  10. … wore clean underwear?

  11. … bought some new clothes?
    The beginning of June. It was an 'Individual-I' t-shirt, which I haven't worn often – it's a bit too political for work.

  12. … read a book?
    Surprisingly, a few weeks ago. I think it was 'Excession', my favourite of Iain M. Banks' 'Culture' novels.

  13. … read a newspaper?
    I was going to say 'years ago', as I dislike the mass-media and wouldn't ordinarily read a national newspaper, but I do read the local free paper, 'The Citizen', each week.

  14. … went skinny-dipping?
    It must have been 2003.

  15. … went bungee-jumping?
    Yeah, right.

  16. …went to another country?
    16 June: Prague, the Czech Republic.

  17. … lied to someone?
    About 15 minutes ago. I let someone think her project would receive my attention imminently, whereas I knew that was improbable.

  18. … betrayed a friend?
    Apart from (reluctantly) participating in a conversation about a colleague behind her back, I can't recall knowingly betraying a friend.

  19. … snogged someone of the opposite sex?
    21 June.

  20. … snogged someone of the same sex?
    Hasn't happened, and I don't expect it ever would. I'm just not even bi-curious.

  21. … met a celebrity?
    Depends on the definition of 'celebrity'. I had a rather stilted conversation with Lady Bonington, the Chancellor's wife, a few months ago. I also had an e-mail conversation with a moderately well-known musician a couple of weeks ago, but his celebrity just wasn't an issue (though it must have been, if I feel it'd be betraying a confidence to mention his name).

  22. … smoked a cigarette?
    (Hmm... who reads this...?) I have smoked a cigarette.

  23. … took drugs?
    Apart from the socially-acceptable ones, not within the last few years.

  24. … went to the library?
    Literally, last week, but that's only because ISS ('tech support') occupies the top floor of the University Library. I last visited a library on a library-related matter in the late Nineties.

  25. … stole something?
    I don't remember, and that answer isn't just to avoid incriminating myself!

  26. … played Solitaire?
    I don't remember. Probably this year.

  27. … watched TV?
    Last Wednesday: the opening episodes of 'Lost'. It looks promising.

  28. … made a difficult decision you didn’t regret?
    I don't remember. Walking away from my PhD was definitely the biggest, but that was at the end of 1999.
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