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13 August, 2005

Bad-weather friend

Ask me to cat-sit while you're away, or to help you move house, or call me if there's a crisis, and I'm there.

However, offer me a bottle of wine or to cook me a meal in thanks, and I'll be profoundly uncomfortable (not just because I don't drink).  Invite me to the housewarming party, and I'll make an excuse.

I wish I knew why.


Who knows if it emerges from the same causes, but the situation you describe is one that's very familiar to me.

A friend needs money, needs someone to talk to, needs someone to stand between them and something ugly, I'm there. It feels natural, the responses are quick and clear, and action comes without a second thought. Not heroism or machismo, just plain old getting what's what taken care of with as little fuss as possible.

A friend asks me if I want to go out to this party/gathering/concert/whatever... and the first question I have to stifle is "why?" Not because I'm suspicious of them (well maybe a little... paranoia is, afer all, a way of life :D). Just because I have literally no idea why I'd go, or what I'd do there other than stand around with a forced smile, eat a little bit, and do a bad job of making polite conversation.

Sometimes it depresses me, and sometimes I grin at all the psychodrama I bypass. It being well-known among my circle of acquaintances that I'm an antisocial bastard who's had enough of psychodrama to last me three lifetimes, thangyewverramuch.

Ah well, we'll see how it turns out.

Posted by StealthBadger at August 14, 2005 09:39 PM
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