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4 August, 2005

Grow RPG

User Friendly's 'Link Of The Day' is a new (to me – it's been out for a month or so) Flash puzzle.

At the start of Grow RPG there's a green globe with a demon on one side and a knight on the other.  There are eight items to place on the globe: trees, a vault, a sawmill, rocks, treasure, a castle, water, and a tower.  Each time an item is placed, it may react with something already placed, upgrading it.  Unfortunately, the demon won't wait until everything is in place, and attempts to interfere from the start.

The objective is to place everything in the one correct sequence which raises every item to its maximum level. The knight will then begin his quest to travel across the globe and slay the demon.

Eight items gives a limited number of combinations, further reduced by a little lateral thinking. For example, if the completed tower needs to be four storeys tall, and adds a storey each 'turn', it obviously can't be placed later than fifth.
It might be worth keeping a note of sequences already attempted, as one is unlikely to get it right first time!

This 'RPG' version is a reworking of the original 'Grow', which adopts the same concept but with twelve items and no narrative, providing many more possible combinations and arguably less entertainment; I haven't got very far with it, and don't feel the same inclination to try.

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