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28 July, 2005

Progress, eh?

In 'the old days', one could apparently buy a newspaper by throwing the money on the counter and taking a paper, without even breaking stride.  Nowadays, it'd have to be scanned, the money would have to go through the cash register, and the cashier would probably want to put it in a bag.

Yesterday, the University finally, and automatically (I'd have opted-out) installed WinXP SP2 on all campus PCs. Since then, mine has taken about half as long again to boot than was usual.
The above analogy is the one Staff Help Desk used to express their limited interest.

Okay, they're busy with cases in which PCs have ceased to function at all after installing SP2, but this wasn't an entirely reasonable "we'll get back to you when it's less frantic", it was a "yeah? that's how it's supposed to be".

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