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21 July, 2005

What do you want?

Can I make a suggestion?

It may seem obvious, but when composing a search engine query, it's best to include search terms likely to appear in the target page, rather than a description of the subject, phrased in words not actually on the page itself.

The example that triggered this thought was that someone visited the Ministry earlier today via a Google search for "discussion of Marillion's Angelina".
Fine, but one has to remember that the search engine doesn't read the meaning of the enquiry, nor that of the target page; it'll search for the word 'discussion', rather than text discussing the song.

Consequently, the search found the 'Memes' archive page, which includes the word 'discussion' in one entry, and no more than the song's title in another, but missed an entry entirely about the 'Angelina' single, which doesn't happen to feature the word 'discussion'.

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