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16 July, 2005

Service yet to be restored

I'm still having major problems with the blog.  Apologies again to those struggling to post comments; I'm struggling to post new entries, too*.  Right now, it's absolutely fine, but at other times I can't even log into the admin interface.

It'd be far from ideal, but if you'd particularly like to post, and find the normal procedure unresponsive, please feel free to use the Ministry's main 'Contact' form, which is unaffected by the blog problem, and I'll publish your comment (unless it's offensive or spam!) whenever I can get into the MT admin section.

I'm having to consider my options. I'm very tempted to upgrade this installation of MT2.661 to MT3.1, as I understand the latter handles rebuilds and the mySQL database differently, which could be significant; the current problem is in the interaction between MT and mySQL. However, I know that Neil, already using 3.1, had problems too, and I have very low confidence in the perl/PHP services offered by my web host. There's a high probability that the problem would remain, and worse, the blog might fall over completely.
That's the main disincentive to try anything at all: at least the existing content is currently being displayed as if nothing was wrong.

At the time of writing, my host is running Perl v.5.00503 and DBD::mysql v.2.9003; I don't know about DBI::mysql. Now I know this, I'm rather more worried, as these are far earlier than the versions known to cause problems, which implies the issue is unrelated to the known one.

Unless anyone can suggest anything else, I think I'd better just continue to 'wait and see', rather than risk killing the blog outright.

*: This isn't the reason I've failed to post on two days this week. I've simply been too busy, helping to organise Bowland College's Graduation day on Wednesday and helping A&A move house yesterday.

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