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14 July, 2005

Parochial? Here?

Lancaster's free weekly newspaper, The Citizen, reports the London bombings as "London bomb anguish spoils mum's birthday" – the only angle even mentioned is a local woman's concern about her London-based son, who wasn't even in the city that day.

Incidentally, if you follow that link to the paper's website, you may spot a story beginning:

Bring me sunshine
Pubs and bars in Lancaster and Morecambe were jam-packed as hot and bothered locals headed for refreshment this week.
The version published in the paper was somewhat different, and rather pathetic. There, it was:
Bring me sunshine
Sun-seeking tourists filled Morecambe to bursting point at the weekend.
Can't see the sand for the Sandgrown'unsThat's this week's cover story, illustrated by a photo showing a large section of Morecambe main beach (the one with sand, rather than the mudflats) very thinly scattered with about twenty people; about typical for late November in a real resort. The inset shows someone in a bikini, which, okay, is startling for Morecambe, but still, this has to qualify for some sort of 'talking-up nothing' prize.


Yes, I really laughed when I saw that one. Goodness knows what it looks like in November :)

Posted by looby at July 18, 2005 08:02 PM
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