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11 July, 2005

Normal service may be resumed shortly

I've been experiencing major problems with the blog during the last week.  Thankfully, nothing affecting the display of the public site, but the admin interface has been unresponsive – sometimes I haven't been able to log in, never mind publish anything), and I think it's been affecting people's ability to post comments, too.

Probably not coincidentally, Neil is experiencing similar-sounding problems, which have been identified as being an incompatibility between Movable Type and the latest version of a perl module. A replacement version of the module is being distributed, so hopefully my web hosts will install it shortly, and more hopefully that is the problem I'm experiencing rather than some totally different and potentially longer-lasting issue....

In the mean time, if it's any help, I do know that the fault is only intermittent. Most comments should go through okay, but if you find yourself unable to post a comment at, say, 20:00, you might like to try again at 21:00.
In fact, I think the comments are being accepted; they're just not being incorporated into the published pages until I can go in later and perform a manual rebuild.

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