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11 July, 2005

Printed matter

Just passing on the announcement that the fourth issue of 'Carbon Nation', the Porcupine Tree (paper) fanzine, is now available.  Follow that link for ordering details.

CN4 contains:

  • Blackfield US acoustic tour reviews & photos
  • PT 'Deadwing' UK tour reports and photos
  • Exclusive in-depth interviews with Steven Wilson & John Wesley
  • Review of John Wesley's 'Shiver' album
  • News nuggets and winners of the Blackfield competition
By definition, all of this is exclusive content – you won't have seen any of it online.

Simon is also offering a discount on the first three issues, for those wishing to catch up.

I'd certainly recommend Carbon Nation as far more substantive than the typical band fanzine, and if copies take on the same collectible status as anything else P-Tree related, this may be your best chance to get them at less than premium eBay rates!

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