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9 July, 2005

Strolling around

Just in case there's anyone left who hasn't already tried it, the Gmaps Pedometer is pretty good.  I've just traced the route of my daily commute, and it's calculated it to within 0.25 miles of the actual distance measured by my bike computer, a discrepancy easily explained by road details below the scale of the map.

One tiny criticism, which I don't think is avoidable, is that one does have to trace the route, selecting points connected by straight lines – one can't just select the start and end points, and expect it to follow the roads. Hence, it is a pedometer, suitable for short, detailed trips rather than for plotting intercity journeys (though that's possible, if very time-consuming). It's also far more suitable for the purpose than Multimap or Google Maps itself, which calculate distances along automatically-selected routes optimised for cars.

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