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5 July, 2005

Not in it for the money

One of my somewhat cynical criticisms of the Live8 concerts is that I believe many artists appearing were motivated primarily by self-promotion.  Indeed, the BBC reports figures from HMV which showed that sales of certain artists' albums on the day after Live8 were between double and over ten times those recorded on the previous Sunday.  They mightn't have been paid directly, but the publicity and extra sales are going to be invaluable to some bands and particularly record companies.

However, the real point of that BBC article is that David Gilmour has called for artists and record companies to donate those additional profits to charity. That's what he intends to do with his share of Pink Floyd's additional sales: the number of copies of 'Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd' sold by HMV on Sunday was 1,343% of the number sold on the previous Sunday.

All credit to him, but we'll have to see if his lead is followed. I'm still cynical.

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