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5 July, 2005

Cutting it again

There's an interesting article in the Guardian about Swiss army knives, particularly the effect 9/11 had on the Swiss companies producing them.
With the introduction of air transport regulations, 40% of the world market suddenly vanished – not only were fewer people carrying theirs, but I hadn't realised that a significant proportion of sales were via airport duty free shops and even onboard planes.  One producer, Wenger SA, went under, but was bought by the other main company, Victorinox, which has somewhat reinvented the product and survived.  One particularly successful model has 1Gb of USB storage, and there's a blade-free air-travel version.

I used to carry a small Swiss army knife everywhere, for years. I found it in the sand on Vigdel beach, just down the Jaeren coast from Stavanger, Norway, so it was as much a mental link to that place and time spent with my father (who, in case that sounds maudlin, is alive and well!) as it was purely utilitarian.
Unfortunately, I lost it last year, and though I replaced it with one objectively better-suited to my requirements, I still miss the old little one; standard Swiss army knife red, but with the (then) logo of the Rogalands Avis newspaper replacing the usual Swiss flag badge. I hope someone found it, and uses it.

The particularly annoying part is that fear of losing it means I no longer routinely carry the new knife anyway.

[Update 07/06/07: Found it!]

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