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23 June, 2005

Big five-oh-oh-oh

Sorry; this is another entry probably only of casual interest to me, but my bike computer tells me I've cycled 5002 miles (8,050 km) since 01/02/03.  That's 1,000 miles since 27/01/05; the daily commute is a round trip of seven miles, and I often go for a recreational ride of ~30 miles at the weekend.

The figures (if only for my future reference): 5002 miles in 873 days is 5.7 miles per day. At the 3,000 and 4,000-mile points, my average was 5.5 miles/day. The first 2,000 miles took 384 days (call it 192 days per 1000 miles), the third thousand took 161 days, the fourth 185 (longer because it included the winter months) and this last thousand took 143 days – I'm accelerating.

I'm not absolutely sure what I've had done to the bike in that time, but it's included:

  • New front fork.
  • New bottom bracket.
  • New crank. I was hit by a taxi, but luckily that was the only damage.
  • New inner tubes, front and rear.
  • New tyres. I think I'm on my third rear tyre, but still on the original front one. The rear tread gets a lot of wear, but seemingly not the front tyre.
  • New rear wheel. The original one was really flimsy – I buckled it twice descending low kerbs, and it finally died when the brakes wore right through the rim.
  • Numerous brake blocks. They only seem to last two, maybe three months.
  • New front brake cable. That was only a couple of weeks ago – the cable had corroded and simply snapped, thankfully as I was travelling uphill.
  • The saddle is starting to wear through, but doesn't need urgent replacement.
  • I think I'm still using the original gear wheels and chain, but they have been slipping for a few weeks, so I think I need to visit the bike shop.

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