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14 June, 2005

City cred

£7.95 ($14.40) will buy you a bottle of spray-on mud (real mud, filtered to remove stones).  Applied carefully, it'll give the impression that your massive 4x4 has ever actually been off-road.

[Insert your own mockery here]

That's 'applied carefully'. As a sculptor/painter of metal miniatures ('toy soldiers') and someone who studied sediment to PhD level (yes, it was as thrilling as that sounds), I know that realistically weathering a vehicle isn't as simple as just flailing about with an aerosol can. The location, proportional quantity and direction of spray all matter.

To be fair, I suspect it's really intended to be bought as a joke for, not by, drivers of urban 4x4s, but I'm sure it'll be used.
By definition, such drivers are unlikely to recognise real dirt, so I look forward to spotting their 'interpretations' of sediment dynamics. No doubt there'll be some vehicles looking as if they routinely travel sideways, or have been rolled.

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