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2 November, 2005

Emergency internet access

This isn't an advert, honest!

I've just discovered that my normal ISP also offers an 'emergency' service whereby anyone in the UK can access the internet for 'free' (no fee for the service, just a standard local-rate phone call).  One doesn't have to register for an account, and there's no login or password - just dial the phone number via a modem.

It looks useful for accessing the web when away from home (that includes foreign visitors to the UK) or if one's usual provider experiences an outage, but they also promote it as 'anonymous' web access.

Bookmark it now, though not somewhere like, as you'd need to be online already to get to the bookmark....


My ISP has a dial-up number as well, in case your ADSL is down - but you need to use your normal username and password. I've also used Nippy Internet - 08445352000 with the username 'nippy' and password 'internet'. It's also fully V.92 compatible.

Posted by Neil T. at November 2, 2005 07:50 PM
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